Booking Engine

It is very easy to get a direct reservation on the internet with Butiksoft ! ...

Butiksoft reservation engine allows you to make online reservations directly through your hotel website, Facebook page and mobile website.
You can integrate Butiksoft reservation engine both on your website and on Facebook.
All reservations received from your website and Facebook booking engine are automatically added to the system, and the risk of overbooking is eliminated so you can turn your site and Facebook visitors into hotel guests! ..

Facebook Booking Engine

✓ Take your technology a step further with the ability to book online from your Facebook page,
✓ Strengthen your presence in social media,
✓ Don't be limited to your website to get a direct booking,
✓ Turn your Facebook page visitors into real customers,
✓ Room, hotel details; Instant availability, publish your price on your Facebook page in 25 different languages,
✓ Let your Facebook page visitors book directly to your hotel quickly and easily with a few clicks.

Free Installations and Integrations

✓ Free installation of online booking engine on hotel website,
✓ Free Butiksoft integration,
✓ Free Google Analytics (visitor statistics) integration,
✓ Free TripAdvisor integration,
✓ Free Facebook hotel booking app installation.

Secure Payment

✓ Online payment by credit card,
✓ Free Paypal integration,
✓ Converting hotel room rates to 25 different currencies from instant exchange rate,
✓ Offer multiple payment options to the guest at the same time (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer)

25 Different Languages

Booking screens in 25 different languages; German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simple, traditional), Indonesian, French, Hindi, Dutch, English, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese , Greek