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The program is designed as simple as possible. After a 1 hour training, you can easily learn the program. You can get 24/7 support from the customer representative in our support line where you get stuck.

Since our program is cloud based, it is backed up 2 times a day at 3 different locations.

Yes. Our program works integrated with all channels.

There is no limit on the number of users in Butiksoft. Thanks to detailed authorization definitions, you can authorize all employees of your company in line with their duties and use the system.

There is nothing you need to do for program updates. Once the update is released, when you open the program, your program will be updated automatically.

Yes, you can use Butiksoft by downloading our applications from Google Play and App Store from anywhere you have internet access.

We have e-invoice integration. We integrin EDM E-Billing Information of Turkey's best entekrator.

At Butiksoft, data and application security is one of the most important issues we pay attention to. We always provide the highest level of security with our hosting and technical infrastructure. In this field, we are constantly making the necessary updates in our system by constantly following the latest developments in the world.

By extracting a list of guests staying at your hotel, the XML files needed by the Police and Gendarmerie are created automatically and you can upload them to the Identification System at any time.

The first 30 days of use of Butiksoft is a trial period and is free. During the trial period, you can use the support services like all our other users and use the application as you wish.

No. You must have internet to access the Butiksoft Boutique Hotel Program. If the computer does not have internet, you can easily do all your work on your mobile phone.

As soon as the reservations you receive from online reservation channels or from your individual door customers are placed in the room in the Boutiquesoft Boutique Hotel Program, all online reservation channels are automatically available. Thus, your availability in channels is updated within seconds.

License fee is determined according to the number of rooms as 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-50. Prices are calculated annually. This fee includes Channel Management and 1 year Technical support package services of the program.

Our Technical Support team is with you with unlimited free support during your use of Butiksoft. You can reach us by sending an e-mail to [email protected], via live messaging from the application (under the user menu in the upper right corner under the "Get Support" section) or by phone at 0532 330 36 50 24/7.