Channel Manager

Channel Manager

✓ Butiksoft channel manager syncs all your sales channels and automatically updates room quotas on all channels when you book from any sales channel.
✓ Channels Butiksoft synchronization between channels eliminates the risk of overbooking (same room, taking multiple bookings for the same dates)
✓ Every reservation you save to Butik Butiksoft is automatically closed on all channels.
✓ With Soft Butiksoft you can work with more online sales channels, because with Butiksft you can increase your bookings by keeping them open on all sales channels until the last room that shortens your rooms.

Advantages of Channel Management

✓ Works with more online travel sites and allows you to get more online bookings.
✓ It allows you to sell all your rooms with more effective quota management.
✓ Enables you to manage all your online sales with much less personnel.
✓ Eliminates the risk of overbooking.

Price Management

✓ Butiksoft allows you to update room rates for all online booking channels in one interface.
✓ You can update room prices in sales channels with one click.

Unlimited Channels

You can add all channels included in the Reseliva channel list as well as new channels to be added to Rezeliva without any integration fee or per channel fee.