Hotel Management System

"Take your time with Butiksoft but Butiksoft manages your guest stays…"

Butiksoft Boutique Hotel Program is developed for the needs of boutique hotels. General features of Butiksoft products include database security, fast access to data and fast data entry, powerful software structure and ease of use. Butiksoft, in line with your demands, will continue to create new software that will keep the pulse of the sector and produce solutions for our valuable customers ...


On the Roomplan screen you can see the status of all the rooms of the hotel. You can instantly book a room on any day. You can easily make Customer In-Outs. If you wish, you can block the room you want by simply specifying the date without filling in any information and enter the information later. If the agent will charge the saved reservation, you can transfer it to the agent's account with a single click.

Live Reservation Screen

On the Roomplan screen, where you can see all the rooms of your hotel, your reservations from the channels will be displayed instantly. At the same time, changes you make from computers or your smartphone are instantly displayed on the roomplan screen on all devices without refreshing the page.


When you log in to the system, you can quickly review your hotel on the dashboard screen that will meet you, guests, guests who will come and leave, new arrivals, guests who do not check out, guests who need to show no show, extras waiting to be recognized, the forecast graphic where your daily empty rooms appear. With the indicators, you can quickly handle your daily routines.


You can add any number of room types and rooms. The list of guests to leave today, the list of guests coming tomorrow and the list of rooms to be cleaned are automatically listed.


All Extras that can be sold to guests can be defined in the system and the extras made are processed into the room account. At the end of the month, it can be seen how much income is obtained from the extras. Commissions with agencies and firms are calculated automatically.


What you should have in a pre-accounting program is with you with Butiksoft. Butiksoft meets all your needs in current accounting, cash, bank, inventory, warehouse, purchase, sale, foreign exchange modules and pre-accounting. You can cut your official invoices and easily print the "Daily Customer List" given to finance on a daily basis. You can follow all the debit-credit status to the wholesalers and agencies you work for, collect and make payments. You can easily trade with multiple currencies in all areas of the system.

Multiple Currency

You can collect in any currency. You can enter the exchange rate if you want, or you can update the exchange rates automatically via the TCMB.


The whole system is available in Turkish or English. New language options will be added as soon as possible.


Guests who will check in, check out guests, guests staying, daily customer list, country rates of guests, rates of arriving guests by channels, commission amounts with channels, reports of the extras you sell to your customers, all data are analyzed and the hotel's daily, monthly or determined profit between the profit and Butiksoft performs all the necessary analyzes for your hotel and reports to you with the boss report showing the damage and many other reports.

Video Training

To make the use of Butiksoft even easier, we support it with tutorial videos. You can easily access the video tutorial about the page you are using from the help icon on the page.


Define the desired number of users. These users can access the authorized areas of the system within their authority. All transactions of users are recorded. The authorized person can see these records at any time.


Butiksoft works in integration with the channel manager to ensure that your reservations are automatically received. With the hotspot integration, you can control the internet usage of your guests and define password easily.

E-Mail Notifications

As a result of certain transactions over the system can be sent automatically mail.

Identity Notification System


Butiksoft Boutique Hotel Program with cloud based technology does not require license purchase and installation. Your information is backed up to the Cloud System twice a day, even if your system is damaged, your information will not be lost. Also, stay updated with automatic update support. Our cloud servers have the highest level of security.

Access from Anywhere

From anywhere in the world, you can safely access our hotel program and manage your hotel. So you increase your productivity and move one step ahead of your business. Butiksoft is designed as "responsive". Thus, it is compatible with all devices with internet browser.


With the law no. 5651, it has become obligatory to register the internet service provided by the enterprise for the enterprises offering the internet service collectively. Butiksoft Boutique Hotel Program, to meet this need to meet the guests' encrypted access to the Internet through the program makes.


With our e-Invoice and e-Archive modules, you can do all your e-Invoice and e-Archive transactions from within Butiksoft Boutique Hotel Program without the need of accounting program.

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